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Hermione Granger Big Bang

she's not your average witch

The Hermione Granger Big Bang Community
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Hermione Granger Big Bang

Welcome to hgbigbang

Here at this big bang we focus on the amazing Hermione Granger. Most of our members including us mods love to write her in different scenarios whether it’s her developing a relationship with Draco Malfoy or her fighting the supernatural with the Winchester brothers. If you like to write her in fics or make art focusing on her, then this is the community for you. Everyone is welcomed to join.


1. Stories must have Hermione as the central character.
2. Crossovers are welcomed.
3. Stories must be beta read no exceptions
4. Minimum word count is 15, 000 with no maximum limit.
5. Existing fics are allowed, but half of it needs to be new and not previously posted.
6. You must not post your fic before posting starts.
7. You can sign up as both an author and artist.
8. You can work with another author on a fic.
9. Artists must make at least one art piece. There is no limit to what you can make, fanvids, fanmixes, icons, banner/header etc.


September 1st - Preliminary sign-ups for everybody (authors, artists, betas, and cheerleaders).
September 30th - Preliminary sign-ups for authors and cheerleaders end.
October 7th - Preliminary sign-ups for artists and betas end.
November 30th - Rough drafts due.
December 7th - Official sign-ups for everyone end.
December 14th - Artist Claiming starts.
March 1st - All fics and art are due.
March 10th - The posting begins.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of the mods. The mods for this community are littleriri1148, scifichick774, and dhfreak.
Icons/Banner credit goes to: contour @ TDA
Header credit goes to: dhfreak
Layout credit goes to: nightingails
Profile layout credit goes to red_dress7
Profile header credit goes to contour @ TDA.

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Mod's Note: to clear any questions about posting, us mods are the ones to post the fics and the art that goes along with it. It makes things easier on everyone since we are going to make our own archive for these fics. I hope this doesn't cause a problem for those who didn't know. Here's the link to the submissions post....http://hgbigbang.livejournal.com/6043.html